About Expressly Etiquette

Georgette-McGilbraFounder and teacher Georgette Christopher is a graduate of the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia. She also holds certifications in Early Childhood Education, Entrepreneurship and Office Management, with these skills Georgette has run a successful Large Family Daycare business in the Silicon Valley for over 16+ years.

During her Career in Childcare, Georgette has seen distinct change in child behaviors that can be improved through knowledge. Todays parents are busy focusing on careers, running households or simply working and traveling long hours to enforce or reinforce extended etiquette (manners) in today’s children, with this being the new “NORM” Georgette found herself thinking “many of these families could use my help and knowledge in etiquette”. Thus, “Expressly Etiquette” was created. “She is dedicated in her endeavor to guide children and young adults in their development of personal and very important life skills in best practices of socializing, dining and communicating in the world. Today not only great academics enough to compete for colleges and future employers/clients, personality and decorum is also as important. These skills will build self-confidence and help our young people reach their fullest potential.”


It takes seven seconds to make a lasting impression! As we know, Todays children are the leaders of tomorrow. With etiquette training, they are preparing themselves for their future. They do not know what the future has in store for them or what the future will demand of them, but it will serve them well to be able to communicate on all levels, whether speaking to adults, later communicating within business, or sitting at a formal dining table. Through knowledge comes power and confidence. With etiquette training, they will be in control of what might otherwise be considered difficult situations, whenever, wherever they arise. They will make positive impressions upon others through their social graces.

It is Ms. Christophers’ firm belief that etiquette training gives children the tools for handling family and social situations with confidence. Children will learn essential aspects of dining and socializing skills, which in today’s busy world is a difficult task for many families to manage at home. The invaluable social skills of good manners and proper etiquette can and will serve children throughout their entire lives. Expressly Etiquette teaches elements of etiquette, such as using a proper handshake, eye contact, dining and conversation skills, proper thank you notes all while making each lesson fun and memorable in a comfortable setting.

Mrs. Christopher and Expressly Etiquette believe that with our knowledge and extensive training, we can prepare as many children as we can for an awesome future. A child filled with self-confidence is willing to go forth and make positive goals to build a successful caring adult.

A favorite and famous quote by Mother Theresa speaks volumes.
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”