Youth Culture Program

Expressly Etiquettes’ purpose is to teach children why and how to exercise positive manners and to be their very best. Expressly Etiquette teaches a well developed comprehensive life skills program that reaches all ages. The youth Culture Program is designed to teach children etiquette skills necessary to empower them for handling any dining or social situation. As an added benefit, family dining can become a pleasure as the pressure of being the teacher is being removed.

* Classes are limited to 14 students per class. All students will have the added experience of practicing their combined skills while attending a Five-Course meal served in a formal setting.

Boys/Girls (Ages 6-11) – Tools to Great Manners

8 lessons  $175.00

youth-program-2This is a beginning level class designed for boys and girls in 1st – 6th Grade. In this 8 lesson class the children will master skills to put them ahead of the class in manners and in life. They will learn to make proper introductions, using a firm handshake while making eye contact, proper dining etiquette (including silverware, napkin, and stemware) the two types of proper dining skills.   They will learn the art of conversation in a social setting, phone and Internet safety skills, as well as how to write a proper Thank You note.

Young Teens (Ages 12-18)

10 lessons $225.00

These 10 lesson classes are designed for all Teenage students. We will go over skills from “Tools to Great Manners” for new participants, also these courses include breakout lessons for Boys only and Girls only of ages 12-14 to cover specific age appropriate topics.

Boys Only (Ages 12-14)

Communicating with Self-Confidence

youth-program-1Includes Respect and Honesty, Dress to respect, Self-Presentation/ Public Speaking skills, Table Manners and Good Sportsmanship. Includes a group visit to a Fashion coordinator in a Major department store.

Girls Only (Ages 12-14) – Wear it with Class

Includes Respect and Honesty, Proper Posture, Skin Care, Clothing/Fashion, table manners, and Self Presentation /Public Speaking Skills. Includes advice visits to a beautician, skincare specialist/ makeup artist.

High School Teens (Ages 15-18)

Young Adult Skills for Success

youth-program-3This 10 lesson course focuses on promoting knowledgeable, courteous, and considerate behavior towards others.

These courses will help increase the students’ confidence in their ability to handle demanding situations. It also helps students appreciate their good points and concentrate on developing them. The 10-12th Grade teens lessons focus on Introduction, Correspondence, Attire, Dining, Communication, Attending Formal events, and Dating.

This course will have 2 nights out, one for a formal event, i.e. symphony or Theatre. Also, the 5 course dinner.

Customized Lessons

We also do customized onsite Lesson packages for Families, Churches /Religious Affiliates, Schools, Social Clubs. Call us to discuss availability and lesson plans.
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